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Strings Instruments

Material experiment

In my work, I combine practices from the world of industrial design, such as computerized and 3D planning and sculpting,
with traditional techniques of ceramics and woodworking.
  Ceramic is one of human history’s most simple and basic raw materials. I delve into the connection between ceramics and music, the engine for my daily creativity and activity, and examine the feasibility of combining them and the effect of ceramics on the tone of the sound produced by a
stringed instrument.
  Throughout history, clay has been used to fashion the resonance chambers of musical instruments, for example, the darbuka.

  I placed ceramic in the foreground as the membrane - responsible for producing sound.  The central question of this project was - can ceramic material be used as a membrane?

   I designed three ceramic
stringed instruments that differ in their tone and cultural background:

A ukulele, an acoustic guitar, and an oud. Each of these stringed instruments' sound is identified with a particular musical style and unique cultural heritage.
  Using the string instruments I have created, I test whether
it is possible to produce sound from string instruments
made of ceramic and how these new earthen string instruments sound.

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