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Gaming chair 

Why do gaming chairs look like a racing car seat glued to a 5 star leg office chair?

My group and I didn't understand it either. We decided to explore the users, their gaming habits, age and outputs.

As we got to know them better we decided to design a new chair inspired by science fiction, modern, simple and clean with its main focus being ergonomics and comfort.

As we wanted to distant the chair from its race car origins, we took upon ourselves to re-brand the company's name from EY-Racer to Fu-Chair

FH-salzburg, Austria

Co-operation with EY-Racer

team members:

Yvonne Krause

Daniela Gehrlein

Lisa Winkler

Amit Naor

final presentation 6.2.19_Page_13.jpg
final presentation 6.2.19_Page_29.jpg
final presentation 6.2.19_Page_30.jpg
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